WINDSOR, ONT. -- A timeline of events leading up to an explosion that levelled a building in downtown Wheatley, Ont.

June 3 – State of emergency declared after hazmat situation in downtown Wheatley

June 4 – Ontario’s hazmat team called to state of emergency in Wheatley

June 10 – Wheatley remains under a state of emergency

June 17 – Wheatley enters second week under state of emergency

June 18 – Wheatley prepares to re-open following state of emergency

June 19 – Wheatley residents allowed back home after two-week evacuation even though ‘We cannot tell people it's safe’

June 28 – State of Emergency lifted in Wheatley

July 19 – Downtown Wheatley evacuated again after hazardous gas detected

July 20 – Second State of Emergency declared in Wheatley

July 22 – Evacuated Wheatley residents and business owners expected to return to properties today

Aug. 4 – Province launches investigation into Wheatley gas detection

Aug. 26 - Widespread damage after Wheatley, Ont. explosion

Aug. 27 – Community reacts to Wheatley, Ont. explosion

Aug. 27 – Chatham-Kent fire chief confirms another explosion could happen in Wheatley, Ont.

Aug. 27 – Chatham-Kent officials call for action plan from province following explosion

Aug. 28 – Search for Wheatley gas leak continues

Aug. 30 – Help available for Wheatley residents affected by explosion

Aug. 31 – 'Significant movement' made in preparing to find source of Wheatley explosion

Sept. 1 – Wheatley residents create ‘Wheatley Strong’ t-shirts to aid in fundraising efforts

Sept. 1 – No guarantee and no timeline; Wheatley officials update gas explosion investigation and evacuation

Sept. 3 – Windsor law firm planning to file class action suit for those affected by Wheatley explosion