Surgeries will resume on Tuesday at the Ouellette Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital .

Experts are trying to diagnose and repair the Ouellette sterilization system that led to the cancellation of roughly 300 surgeries last week.

Hospital officials have been working on a back-up plan with Steripro, a company that does sterilization across Ontario and Canada, in case they could not correct the system.  That back-up plan will now go into place.  

Hosptial CEO David Musyj says although they evidenced some success in the isolation, solution and testing of the sterilization system at the Ouellette campus it is not 100 per cent functional and as a result they cannot use the Ouellette sterilization system to support surgeries at Ouellette until completely resolved. 

"I wish there was a magic wand we could wave and fix this, but there's not, it doesn't happen this way," says Musyj.

Musyj says they not going to rush a resolution. 

"We're trying to err on the side of patient safety," he says.

The hospital is moving to Plan B. They will be working with Steripro out of Toronto to get instrument sets cleaned and sterilized for use at Ouellette for surgeries.  Shipments back and forth occur at least twice daily.

"It's very expensive,” says Musyj. “It's middle six figures for a couple week period of time, if not closing in on seven figures to do the instrumentation remotely."

They continue to investigate the Ouellette system with the international experts and they are investigating temporary standalone steam systems to determine if the Windsor facilities can support them.

In order to ensure surgeries that can only take place at the Ouellette campus do proceed, Musyj says they will still work with the surgical teams on having as many surgeries as possible at the Met campus.