The former fire chef in Kingsville has nearly two months to get his life in order before going behind bars.

Warning: This story contains graphic details.

A sentencing hearing for Bob Kissner was held on Friday, now that he's been convicted of nine sex offences.

The lawyers are at complete odds about how long his sentence should be.

Kissner has been convicted of five sexual assault offences and four sexual exploitation offenses against four male victims.

His victims were given a chance to say how Kissners' actions affected them at his sentencing hearing Friday.

One told the court he "lost 20 years of my life while bearing this horrible burden" he admitted that he's tried to kill himself twice from the shame and embarrassment of Kissner's actions.

He added it has affected all of his relationships saying "I spent years womanizing, not that I'm proud of it, trying to convince myself I wasn't gay."

The grandmother of another victim stated their whole family has changed because of Kissner.

At the time of the offences, she said they looked at him as a pillar of the community.

She gave her grandson credit for going to police about the abuse, saying because of him, no other teenager will have to suffer at the hand of this disgusting human being.

Defence lawyer Ken Marley is asking for a sentence of under two years to be served in a provincial jail, so Kissner can get counselling because he has identity problems, in terms of his sexuality.

Marley argues Kissner's actions were consensual or fabricated by the victims, calling them "minor" because there was no intercourse, no penetration and in some cases Kissner and the victims weren't skin to skin.

Crown attorney Jennifer Holmes disagrees. She believes Kissner should go to a federal prison for between five and eight years.

She says he is not a man of integrity. All the good he did in the community doesn't absolve him of wrongdoing.

Holmes argues Kissner did not try to take his own life. Kissner is not afraid to go to school because of shame. Kissner retired, presumably with a full pension, maybe a little earlier than he planned.

Justice Hebner says she will have Kissner's sentence ready for Aug. 22.