A piece of Windsor history is being demolished this weekend.

The overpass that crosses Walker Road near Seminole Street is coming down as part of the demolition of the GM transmission plant.

City of Windsor officials confirm that stretch of Walker Road will be closed on Aug. 12 and 13 for the demolition of the walkway that used to connect two wings of the General Motors buildings.

“It was a walkway but also they took lift trucks over there and parts,” says Bill Reeves, the past president of CAW local 1973. "When I was working in the plant, working in stock, I got stuck in the elevator going over to the ‘H’ Building one Saturday afternoon for a couple hours."

In the history book, ‘Walkerville’ co-authored by Elaine Weeks and Chris Edwards, Weeks outlines how this property was once a stock yard for Hiram Walker before industry moved in.

"It'll be a very strange feeling to drive down Walker and not have that overhead," says local heritage enthusiast and historian Elaine Weeks.

Weeks used to work at GM as a fitness instructor and used the walkway a number of times. She also wishes there was a way to keep the overpass – although the ship has likely sailed on any effort to save it.

"It would be interesting to keep it as some sort of visible memory of what was here."

Walker Road will be closed between Seminole and Seneca starting Saturday morning through Sunday night.