WINDSOR, ONT. -- Vanessa Grace is a self taught singer, guitarist and songwriter.

"I want to be able to touch people’s hearts not by becoming famous but by inspiring someone and by putting a smile on someone’s face," says Vanessa Grace.

The 20-year-old says one of her most recent songs titled 'Hope' describes her first-hand experience during the current pandemic because when she is not embraced in her music, she is working as a registered practical nurse.

"I want to give hope to the healthcare workers and provide them with a smile in the morning. Listening to that song going into work or you’re coming out of your room…you just had a tough time and have that song stuck in your head kind of gives you a smile…that there is hope and not to give up."

The artist says her passion for music was inspired by her father Sebastian Viselli, a musicians of more than four decades.

"These are bad times, and watching her express that and helping others is an amazing feeling," says Sebastian Viselli.

Over the past year, the two artists collaborated; writing and producing multiple songs.

Musician Vanessa Grace and Sebastian Viselli"Writing music with her has brought us closer together. It’s a common language between her and I," says Viselli.

"It makes us become better people by writing through music and collaborating and getting to know each other more as a dad and daughter," says Grace.

The father-daughter duo hope their music helps relieve any loneliness many are struggling with.

"It gives me goosebumps listening to it. It’s a sense for everybody whether it’s COVID or not, have a little hope. You’ll get through. Enjoy life as much as possible you just never know when it’s going to change," says Viselli.

"Make sure to talk to people and you have a little bit of hope. Listen to music you love to get you through tough times," says Grace.