WINDSOR, ONT. -- With firm social distancing measures in place, people have been creative in how they choose show support to those working the front-lines, but police say safety must come first.

Chatham-Kent police Chief Gary Conn is discouraging parades and convoys in the municipality. He said he understands and appreciates the well wishes and support, but he worries the gatherings go against social distancing guidelines.

Conn said while the parades itself might not contravene emergency orders, his officers have found people congregating both before and after a drive.

He also worries some drivers aren’t following traffic rules which causes more safety concerns.

Windsor police stress safety first

Windsor Police Services also issued a news release Tuesday on the issue stressing the importance of safety precautions when it comes to convoys.

“The concern is that we cannot undue all the great work that has been accomplished by our collective efforts,” the release stated.

Windsor police recommended avoiding face-to-face meetings, obeying all rules of the road, keeping the planned route to a short distance and with limited number of vehicles, remaining in the vehicle for the entire event, no gathering outside of vehicles, and no physically interacting prior or following the convoy.

“We all want to properly and formally thank our heroes, however, that desire must be balanced with the vital importance of continuing our efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19,” Windsor police said.

Failure to comply with the Provincial Emergency Order can carry a $750 fine, the release stated. Police will continue to handle COVID-19 related complaints on a case-by-case basis.

With files from CTV Windsor's Lindsay Charlton.