After 20 years of volunteering at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, this weekend four Windsorites were denied entry into Detroit.

Gail Peters told the Morning Drive on AM800 Monday that she and three friends, ages 68 to 75, were detained at the tunnel on Sunday.

She says a border guard with U.S Customs pulled the group into secondary inspection.

Peters says they were photographed, fingerprinted and turned back to Canada.

Peters says they were told Canadians can only volunteer in America if it’s for a religious or non-profit event.

"We have come through an always been honest, told you what we were doing, there was never any deception, no one has ever told us we weren't to do this and he said they are enforcing the rules and it has always been in the books," Peters told AM800.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Chief Ken Hammond tells AM800 News he can’t speak specifically to this case, but says it’s likely the women didn’t have documentary proof they were volunteers, and not being paid for their time.