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Windsor resident hopes to bring destroyed kids zone back to Bright Lights following fire

A Windsor resident is hoping to fundraise some money following a fire in Jackson Park Sunday afternoon that destroyed part of a new children’s zone inside the Bright Lights Windsor Festival grounds.

Randy Nobel, who lives across the street from the park, said he wants to ensure the setup is able to come together after it was badly damaged by the fire, resulting in $100,000 in losses according to Windsor Fire officials.

“Well it was a kid's exhibit,” Nobel said on Monday. “It was gonna be the first year for it and you know what hey, I’ve got a big heart towards those kids.”

Nobel said he’ll contribute $5,000 towards rebuilding the hay maze that quickly ignited Sunday.

Fire officials listed the cause as undetermined.

Fire crews responded to a large blaze at Windsor, Ont.'s Jackson Park on Nov. 12, 2023. (Bob Bellacicco/CTV News Windsor)

“Kids don't have enough in this city,” Nobel explained. “We got to keep it good for them.”

The 70-year-old said he hopes others will donate, noting Bright Lights Windsor is a popular event for children and families of all ages.

“I'll throw in five grand, that's all my savings but I'm asking for the community to support me and maybe try and double that so we can get ‘er done,” Nobel said.

“It’s all for a good, good cause and the kids will get a kick out of it.”

Nobel said anyone wishing to donate can contact him at 226-340-3105.

Jackson Park fire in WIndsor, Ont., on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023. (Bob Bellacicco/CTV News Windsor)

Meanwhile, Windsor Fire officials said crews were still cleaning up Monday and monitoring possible hot spots.

Chief fire prevention officer Mike Coste told CTV News he believes it will take some time to clean up the scene, but suggests it will not impact the entire festival.

“As of right now Bright Lights is going forward,” Coste said. “They will have a better understanding later today, tomorrow probably.”

Coste explained since the fire happened during the time of year when many are putting up holiday decorations that it serves as a reminder for all to be safe.

“If you're putting up Christmas decorations, make sure that all the ends aren't worn so we don’t have electrical hazards because if you put it in a tree and it gives off electrical hazard, or a bulb that's broken, or maybe your Christmas decorations are 20-25 years old, they don’t have the same safeguards as today. So you really got to make sure what you're doing and be always aware of what you're doing and it's a good reminder that hey, let's just make sure our decorations are in good, sturdy shape.”

Coste added, “Be safe, enjoy the holidays. Bright Lights is a great event, Go out and see it. It’s a really good community event go out and see it and unfortunately this will be one display we don't have this year.” Top Stories

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