On Saturday, members of the Windsor Fire Department spread the word that smoke detectors could be the difference maker between getting out safely or not.

"Smoke alarms do save lives, you have approximately two minutes to get out of your home if you smoke alarm goes off. It's not a lot of time," says spokesperson Lynne Pretli.

The law requires homes to have a working smoke alarm on each floor, including one outside the bedrooms.

Firefighters from every station in Windsor went door-to-door to ensure residents knew the law.

If caught without a working alarm, homeowners could be subjected to a $235 ticket and up to a $50,000 fine.

That's a fact not lost on Windsorite Laura Tremblay.

"They're very important, essential, just like having water in your home," she says.

"You hear on the news all the time, about them responding to something and it's too late, somebody's died," laments Tremblay.

Fire officials say a smoke alarm is a critical investment.

"We spend a lot of money for expensive security systems to protect our belongings, why not spend a little bit to protect our lives?" questions Pretli.