National exposure on a primetime network television show is a chance few budding musicians will ever get.

Wednesday night, a young Windsor woman had that potentially career-changing opportunity.

Crissi Cochrane got a phone call last week saying one of her favourite songs from her album 'Little Sway' would be featured on the ABC show 'Nashville.'

Her song “A Damn Shame” was featured in Wednesday night’s episode. It aired for about 10 seconds,  but the 26-year-old singer-songwriter says the exposure is huge. 

“My music will be exposed to all kinds of reviewers that I might not have accessed otherwise,” says Cochrane. “The listenership of show is in the millions and for me it’s exciting to know that forever in TV history, there will be a clip of Hayden Panettiere putting on headphones and listening to my song.”

The song is a lament about wanting to spend more time with the one you love.  Hearing it on the show in a truly surreal moment for Cochrane.

She recently partnered with a Michigan company that is a great champion of independent music.  They had an opportunity to pitch some songs for the show and hers was selected.

“I was so shocked and surprised,” says Cochrane. “I called my family and said ‘Oh my you need to tune into this show.’”

She watched the episode alongside her fiancé, not knowing where it would air or what kind of role it would have.

After the show aired, ABC Music Lounge tweeted out a link to her song on iTunes.  She says there's been a lot of buzz around it.

“My twitter feed was blowing up,” she says. “A lot of activity and exciting.”

She says it’s a great milestone for her record and she hopes there is more of this to come. She's humbled by the opportunity to have her music and her voice make it to the bigtime.

“There was a nice paycheck that came along with it too which was unbelievable,” says Cochrane. “Exposure was great enough, to have a little financial incentive to just be an artist and keep making music is inspiring and motivating. The fact it came with payday, I’m so lucky.”

Her music is available on iTunes,  at Dr. Disc locally and on her website.