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Some Windsor-Essex pharmacists calling on province to expand fourth dose booster eligibility


A Windsor-Essex pharmacist says expanding eligibility of COVID-19 boosters to allow adults to get a fourth dose if they wish could help avoid a surge of vaccine seekers ahead of a possible fall wave.

Tim Brady, Chairmen of the Ontario Pharmacists Association says they’re calling on the Ontario government to open fourth dose eligibility to anyone 18 years or older.

“It's just being extra precautionary,” says Brady. “It's like insurance on your car, or anything else. I mean, if it's not an inconvenience and you can get in to get the shot, it's not gonna hurt you to get it. Especially if you haven’t had any issues in the first three. The chances of having an issue on the fourth is very small.”

“Because we know that the immunity does wane off after a time so anybody under the age of 60, because you're immunity is going to wear off after a time we don't want people when the fall hits not to have any coverage,” Brady explains.

Currently, fourth doses are only available to Ontarians who are 60 or older.

Only 52.4 per cent of people over age 12 in Windsor Essex have received three doses, according to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit‘s latest vaccine statistics from June 29.

“The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit continues to follow the guidance of the Ontario provincial government for COVID-19 vaccine dose eligibility and schedules. All residents are encouraged to stay up to date with their COVID-19 and other vaccinations,” says an email statement to CTV News the health unit.

“But there are people that want it who now are not being allowed to get it,” says Brady. “So at this point our goal is if someone wants to get the injection to feel safer, we want to make sure we can give it to them.” Top Stories

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