Essex town council is moving forward with a plan to fight bullying in public parks.

The issue was brought to the attention of deputy mayor Richard Meloche, who says some residents are afraid to go to the parks, but the local police were unaware of the problem.

"The residents that were talking to me said they're just not going to be going down there,” said Meloche. “They feel intimidated, and don't want to subject their kids to this kind of treatment."

Council endorsed Meloche’s motion on Monday.

Administration is now drafting a report on increased signage and stepped up enforcement.

Mayor Larry Snively says anyone who encounters bullying is encouraged to call the non-emergency number for the OPP.

Snively also tells CTV News anyone caught bullying in the parks will be banned.

Essex OPP did confirm with CTV News earlier this month that it had received a small number of complaints

“We agree that visitors of any age to area parks should be able to attend without worry of being mistreated in any way,” Const. Jim Root said. “Additional proactive patrols have been instituted to let those responsible for this type of behaviour know that it will not be tolerated in the Town of Essex nor any other Essex County OPP policed municipality.”