Q: How do I apply for a job?
A: Click here for job opportunities with CTV
Resumes can be submitted to ‘Employment’ via CONTACT US.
We value diversity in its work force and are committed to Employment Equity.

Q: What is the main switchboard number?
A: Main Switchboard: 519.977.7432

Q: What is the mailing address? 
CTV Windsor
1149 Goyeau Street
Windsor, ON
N9A 1H9

Q: What channel is your station on?

A: Channel 26, Channel 17 – Cable 6

Cogeco – Channel 803

Bell Satellite – Channel 585

Bell Fibe – Channel 274 and 1274

If you watch CTV Windsor via antenna on Channel 26 in Windsor , it will still appear on your TV as 26.1, but we will in fact be transmitting on the frequency for channel 17, as of April 28, 2019.

To find us, re-scan your television channels following these easy steps to find CTV2 Windsor.

-Click “Settings” or “Menu” on your remote control

-Go to the “Channel” tab

-Select “Auto Channel Program”

Q: How do I send mail to my favourite on-air personalities?

A: Send mail to:
CTV Windsor
1149 Goyeau Street
Windsor, ON
N9A 1H9
Or Email windsornews@ctv.ca
Q: Can I get a copy of a news story?
A: Visit our Footage Requests page.

All requests are subject to approval by our News Director; copies must be used for personal viewing only; and you will be charged a fee.

Q: Where do I send press releases and news tips?
A: News tips and press releases can be faxed to 519.977.0564.
Or emailed to windsornews@ctv.ca
To contact our newsroom, call us at 519.977.7432

Q: I missed an episode of my favourite show. Can I get a copy?
A: Unfortunately CTV does not have the rights to sell any of our programs. CTV only purchases the rights to broadcast our programming. However, many of our programs are available online so please visit www.ctv.ca or check local listings to find out if an episode is airing again.

Q: Why do the sounds of the commercials seem louder than the program?
A: There are many reason commercials may seem louder than programs. Click here for more information on commercial audio levels.

Q: How do I get to sponsor or promote a community event?
A: Send a proposal with all event details to us via our windsorcontact@ctv.ca page under the subject ‘Community Events’.
By Fax : 519.668.6610
or By Mail

CTV Windsor Community Calendar
C/O London
1 Communications Road
London, ON
N6J 4Z1

Q: When will my favourite show be available online?
A: CTV is committed to bringing the best video content to online viewers and we strive to post shows online as soon as they are finished premiering on broadcast across the country.  Generally, we aim to make episodes available by 2pm ET though in some cases, they are posted the following day by noon. Our catalogue of shows is always growing, so please check back often to see if your favourite programs have been added.

Q: What is signal substitution?
A: As you flip through TV channels, you may notice that you’re seeing Canadian ads on American channels. This is the result of signal substitution.
Signal substitution is when a distributor temporarily replaces the signal of one TV channel with another channel that’s showing the same program at the same time. Usually, an American signal is replaced with a Canadian signal. Sometimes, a Canadian signal from outside your area is replaced with a local signal.  A program that originates in the US may be showing in both Canada and the US at the same time. The Canadian broadcaster airs Canadian ads but the program is the same. So when program substitution occurs, the only difference is that you see Canadian commercials on an American channel.