Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says he went into his meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford with a laundry list of items to talk about.

Ford has asked multiple big city mayors to come to Toronto for a sit down chat on Monday.

Dilkens says he got a call on Thursday by the premier’s office asking him to come to Toronto.

When that happens, Dilkens says you clear your schedule.

“I thought it was probably one of the best set of meetings I've had with a politician, or a set of politicians in my 12 years of being an elected official,” says Dilkens.

Dilkens describes their half hour sit down as "frank."

He says the first thing he brought up was an update on the mega hospital and all the work going in Windsor to help make it happen, pending provincial money flowing this way.

He says they also spent a lot of time talking about "development challenges" that have stifling economic development in Ontario.