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Windsor woman with Down syndrome becoming TikTok sensation 

Windsor, Ont. -

A Windsor woman with Down syndrome is making a big impact on social media.

“Did you know that Down syndrome people and disability people are amazing?” says Maygan Sidi. 

Turning 25 years old Saturday, Maygan Sidi has more than a birthday to celebrate.

“When you’re 25, it makes me think whatever you want to be, you do what you have to do. So I create my lifestyle and turned it into videos,” says Sidi.

Living with down syndrome, Sidi is becoming a TikTok sensation.

“It’s not about the following, it’s not about the likes, it’s about being yourself,” says Sidi.

With close 200,000 followers and 1.6 million likes, Sidi loves creating fun and uplifting videos to inspire others.

“I couldn’t find that thing that would really showcase her abilities and let her stand up for people with disabilities and as it turns out she went and did it herself,” says Maygan’s mother, Kim. 

“She radiates positivity and happiness and anyone around her, you just can’t possibly have a bad day if you’re around Maygan. It’s nice to see she’s impacting people the ways she has always impacted us.”

As Sidi continues to post new videos, followers are now asking Maygan for advice.

“We’ve been getting messages from people from all around the world saying Maygan we love you in South Africa, we love you in New Zealand, we wake up every day and watch your videos,” says Kim.

Known for her hashtags #beloved, #weareallbeautiful, and #weareallperfect, Maygan hopes to continue having a positive effect on others. Top Stories

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