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Weather advisory lifted for Windsor-Essex

Clouds moving over Windsor on Sunday evening. July 17, 2022. (Source: Mark Hewer) Clouds moving over Windsor on Sunday evening. July 17, 2022. (Source: Mark Hewer)

A weather advisory issued Saturday afternoon warning of favourable conditions for the development of funnel clouds was dropped Saturday night by Environment Canada.

Included in the advisory were Windsor, Essex County and Chatham-Kent.

These types of funnel clouds are generated by weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms, but the weak rotation is typically not a danger near the ground.

Environment Canada warned however there was a chance the rotation could intensify and become a weak landspout tornado, which typically does not cause significant damage, but is strong enough to topple trees, damage roofs and toss debris short distances. 


Windsor’s upcoming forecast

Saturday night: Clearing this evening. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 km/h becoming light this evening. Low 6 C.

Sunday: Sunny. Wind becoming south 20 km/h late in the afternoon. High 20 C. UV index 6 or high.

Monday: A mix of sun and cloud with 60 per cent chance of showers. High 26 C.

Tuesday: Cloudy with 40 per cent chance of showers. High 21 C.

Wednesday: Sunny. High 21 C.

Thursday: Cloudy. High 23 C.

Friday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 26 C. Top Stories

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