WINDSOR -- A marathon hearing continues between Windsor Regional Hospital and one of its physicians.

The dispute hinges on a difference of opinion for how to care for dialysis patients.

The hospital wanted them treated at a hospital-led clinic. Dr. Albert Kadri wanted to run his own clinic.

Hospital CEO David Musyj is telling his side of the story Monday afternoon.

Part of his evidence has to do with the new single-site acute care hospital.

Musyj says “the mega hospital is bigger than me, it’s bigger than the model of care.”

When asked why Kadri opposes the mega hospital, Musyj says “anything I do, he’s going to object to it, that’s unfortunate. He seems to think if I disappear from this Earth the mega hospital won’t happen.”

In an angry email to Musyj, Kadri accuses the hospital of 'stealing' his idea, for how to rollout the chronic disease portion of the new acute care hospital.

Then at this marathon city council meeting, Kadri was a vocal opponent of the project, warning city council, it "jeopardizes" patient safety.

In that same email, Musyj accuses Kadri of having a negative and hostile relationship with many of his specialist colleagues that dates back to before re-alignment,when Windsor Regional took over acute care in Windsor from Hotel-Dieu.

Musyj warned Kadri the hospital board of directors wouldn't "put up" with his behavior, not long before kadri's privileges were revoked.

Kadri, nephrologist, had his privileges suspended from the hospital in 2018.

At a hearing Monday to have that reversed, the tribunal heard Kadri's situation dates much further back than that, to as early as 2015. That’s when the Ontario Renal Network withdrew its support of his work.

Kadri was in the middle of a research project, studying the value of seeing pre-dialysis patients in a community clinic.

Vice president of the ORN Rebecca Harvey testified Monday the request to do this study came to them on the letterhead for the Local Health Integration Network.

In late 2015, Harvey says she learned Kadri's clinic wasn't supported by the LHIN, nor was it run through the hospital, so the ORN withdrew its support, effectively shutting the project down.

Kadri grilled Harvey to answer who told her the LHIN didn't support the clinic but she couldn't remember, saying it could have been one of two top executives at the LHIN.