It was a controversial and unorthodox way to win a championship.

But that didn't stop hundreds of Windsor Express fans to show their love to the team at a rally Sunday along the riverfront.

"They deserve this win even if they didn't play a game seven," said one fan.

"They were going to win it regardless. What happened was unfortunate but definitely well deserved," said another.

The Halifax Rainmen forfeited Game 7 of the National Basketball League of Canada championship when it failed to show up following a fight between the teams.

"We were there ready to play and they ended up forfeiting by the league rules," says Express head coach Bill Jones.

"I was a former player before I was a coach and I always want to get it done on the court. And that was unfortunate that that didn't happen but you know what it's deserving to our organization to our players and to our fans," says Jones.

Coach Jones says he can't go into detail about what happened Thursday morning because there is an investigation underway.