A flood watch issued by the Essex Region Conservation Authority remains in effect.

Officials anticipate the watch will end during the day but in the meantime say the Lake Erie shoreline area including Pelee Island are under the watch.

The ERCA says Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie average daily water levels are above record high levels. These high lake levels are significantly increasing the risk of flooding, shoreline erosion, and damage to shoreline structures, it says.

Winds will generally remain strong and shift to a more westerly direction on Monday. Winds of this speed, direction, and duration have the potential to impact the Lake Erie shoreline, including the south and west shorelines of Pelee Island.

The authority is urging people to take extra caution to avoid areas where flooding is occurring as well as rivers, streams, and shoreline areas during significant rainfall and wind/lake wave events.

The combination of slippery banks,waves, waves overtopping breakwalls, and fast moving water can be dangerous. Standing water can also present its own unseen hazards.

Children, pets, and livestock should be kept away should be kept away from flowing, standing water and shoreline/breakwall areas.