An unprecedented move by the City of Windsor.

It has closed the Lakeview Park Marina docks for the rest of the 2019 season due to high water levels.

“There's been no recollection of this ever happening,” says Trese MacNeil, the city’s coordinator of Community Sports. “The marina was built in 1980, and a few people that I've spoken to don't even recall the water levels being to this height."

There are 200 dock slips at the marina and they were all sold out.

But MacNeil says the docks are currently under water and not safe for boaters.

“The docks are currently unsafe to access so since safety is paramount and our number one safety is for our boaters and for our staff we decided to close,” says MacNeil.

In a letter to boaters, city officials say they will be issuing a refund to seasonal boaters for the full amount that they have paid to date for the 2019 dockage. The refund may take three to five business days.

“If your boat is currently in the water at the marina, whether along the Federal Wall, the Little River Corridor or in a slip, we ask that you contact us to make arrangements to have your boat removed by Monday, May 27th,”said the letter.

Officials could not estimate how much money the city will lose with the closure of the marine, but MacNeil tells CTV Windsor the revenue from dock slips was substantial.

“The revenue that's basically brought in through slips alone is about $300,000," notes MacNeil.

But the fuel docks, launch ramps, sanitation pump and tours to Peche Island will remain open and continue for as long as the water levels and safety permit. The marina will also accommodate the police boat.

A report will go before city council on June 3. It will look at next steps, including the possibility of the replacement of all docks.

Officials say they sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the extremely high water levels.