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Walkout planned, petition launched over Kingsville school naming

New Kingsville school site plan. (Courtesy GECDSB) New Kingsville school site plan. (Courtesy GECDSB)

The Greater Essex County District School Board has landed on the names of two new schools, but not everyone is happy about it.

The names were revealed at Tuesday night's board meeting.

The new kindergarten to Grade 12 school in Kingsville will be Erie Migration Academy.

According to GECDSB spokesperson Scott Scantlebury, the name was chosen because it's equitable and inclusive for all communities, while still reflecting the region's ties to migratory birds and insects.

The naming has caused some backlash in the community.

A petition has been launched to “rescind the name" and another petition asks to "keep Kingsville in the new school's name."

The Kingsville District High School Alumni group says a walkout is planned on Friday “against the backhanded way the new school has been named,” according to their social media post.

Scantlebury says administration at the school is aware and will follow procedures if anything happens.

The new school in Tecumseh will be Beacon Heights Public School.

'Beacon' as in guiding light and 'heights' as a goal to which the students can reach. Top Stories

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