WINDSOR, ONT. -- While vaccines are now mandatory for Seneca College students in Toronto to attend campus and will be required for Western University and UOttawa students to live in residence, Windsor post-secondary schools, taking a different approach.

The University of Windsor launched a campaign called take the jab on Monday. It's aimed at the 25 and under student population encouraging them to get vaccinated and share the message.

“It really is important,” says professor Lisa Porter. “It’s our way out of this pandemic. We hope that this fall is the last little bit of this where we're going to have to do some distance learning.”

The University of Windsor is going to offer four different modes of course delivery this fall: face-to-face, hybrid, hy-flex and online.

“We're trying to do as much as we can face to face,” says Porter.

Students have varying opinions on the learning models.

“I'm ok with the hybrid,” said student Nick Bolton.

Bolton says he thinks in person you just learn so much more.

“Being there and seeing it and learning hands on is always more easy than sitting at home in front of a screen for four hours,” says Bolton.

Another student, Lucas Stoi says he didn't hate it online.

“It was a lot easier,” says Stoi. “A lot more time to do things but I'd definitely rather have a more hands on experience.”

What university officials would like to avoid is the online to in-class to online pivot experienced in the grade school and high school levels this past year.

“For those professors that have courses that are really going to require a lot to move back they said let's do this fall term where a portion of it will be planned to be at home,” says Porter.

In a letter to students, St. Clair College announced a return to in-person learning as well. The college won't be asking for proof of vaccination but officials would like students to be inoculated.

With international students still in limbo because of the border, 16 programs will be offered strictly online at least for the fall semester while six will be delivered in a mix of online and face to face.