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U-Haul growth index shows major influx of people moving to Chatham-Kent


New data from a popular moving company suggests an influx of people are coming to Chatham-Kent and choosing to call the region home.

Every year, U-Haul releases its "growth index" which measures the net increase of one-way, U-Haul trucks arriving in a city, compared to those leaving that city in the same calendar year.

Chatham is first on the list, climbing 12 spots from its ranking in 2022.

Sarnia sits in the third spot while Brantford is currently eighth on the list.

“During the pandemic, people got into the habit of working remotely,” said Devin Mitchell, U-Haul Company of Atlantic Canada president, in a statement. “Because of that, they were able to find cheaper housing outside of the major metropolitan areas.

"I would bet most U-Haul relocations have one thing in common: cost. People are trying to find the most affordable places with the lowest cost of living while still being able to access the great outdoor amenities for which Canada is known.” Top Stories

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