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Toronto man seeks publication ban on evidence in Windsor murder trial


A Toronto man is seeking a publication ban on evidence in a Windsor murder trial.

Lawyers for Prince Charles want evidence of a co-accused kept out of the media pending his own trial in 2025.

Frederick Leon, also from Toronto, is currently on trial for second-degree murder in the death of a 30-year-old Toronto man.

As was previously reported by CTV News, the man was killed on May 18, 2021 after being assaulted with a weapon outside a home on McEwan Avenue in Windsor.

Charles is also facing a charge of second-degree murder in the case.

Leon’s trial started last week in front of a Windsor-Essex jury but Charles’ lawyer, Devin Bains launched a publication ban application on reporting of evidence.

Justice Brian Dube granted a temporary ban pending arguments Thursday morning in Superior court.

Bains argued Thursday the evidence at Leon’s trial will be so similar to Charles’ it might “taint” the prospective jury pool for his client in the “contained and interested community” that Windsor is.

A lawyer for CTV, CBC and the Windsor Star opposed the ban and argued against it, saying there is no evidence to establish there is a risk of prejudice to Charles’ fair trial rights, and that instructions to the jury and challenges for cause would be sufficient to find fair and impartial jurors for his trial.

Iain MacKinnon further argued the passage of time between Leon’s trial and Charles’ would sufficiently ensure he receives a fair trial because it will not be held until the fall of 2025.

The Crown Attorney on the case proposed a limited ban on reporting evidence from Leon’s trial involving Charles.

Justice Dube said he will have his decision sometime next week. Top Stories

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