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Remembering those lost in WWII Battle of the Atlantic


Canadian sailors who bravely fought in north Atlantic waters during the Second World War have been honoured in a commemorative ceremony by HMCS Hunter and Maritime Forces Pacific.

The annual ceremony takes place on the first Sunday in May every year around Navy Monument Plaza along Windsor’s riverfront.

The Battle of the Atlantic, spanning from 1939 to 1945, was the longest continuous naval conflict during World War II — with Canada playing a pivotal role in safeguarding vital supply convoys across the North Atlantic.

Ron Sitarz, president of the Royal Canadian Naval Association, said this country’s naval reserve grew from a “small force” to the third-largest navy globally — but the Second World War resulted in the loss of 33 ships and more than 2,600 sailors.

“Fifty of those sailors were actually from Windsor and Essex County,” he said.

Tap on the video above to witness some of the sights and sounds of this year’s Battle of the Atlantic commemoration ceremony. Top Stories

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