WINDSOR, ONT. -- Many Windsor-Essex moving companies are taking extra steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as they are considered an essential service.

Movers are wearing gloves and masks while working, but some say this is impractical given the nature of their job.

“If you’re hauling a 600-pound piece of furniture up and down stairs, its very laborious. If you’re breathing into a mask it can get a bit much,” says Nancy Irvine, Canadian Association of Movers president.

“They don’t want to take something very valuable and have it slip because they’ve got the slippery vinyl gloves on.”

Glen Moving Ltd., a residential and commercial moving service based in Windsor-Essex is taking extra measures to physical distance from clients when moving.

“Right now I’m asking people to send us a text message or email of the contents, if they can take pictures, give us an idea what we’re up against,” says Glen Cook, owner of Glen Moving.

His calls have dropped by 70 per cent since the start of the pandemic. He says many of the jobs that cancelled were seniors planning to move into a retirement home.

Windsor resident Dania Fazekas was one of Glen’s clients that had to cancel. She was planning on moving her father from his townhouse into a retirement home but her plans postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus.

“He was looking forward to it just to have to have less work. His place is too big for him. It’s perfect where he’ll be going. He’s quite eager to make the move,” says Fazekas.

Her father was planning on putting his house on the market this month but has postponed that as well as he is now self-isolating at home.

“We’re delivering his groceries to his porch. Basically we just kind of do the drop off, the wave and the talk. We call in everyday to make sure everything is going well to make sure his spirits are still up,” she says.

The Canadian Movers Association is suggesting people to postpone their move if possible. “If you can hold off for another month that would be awesome,” says Irvine.

She says movers usually get busy after Easter and business peaks in June and July. With the coronavirus pandemic causing delays, she expects a different trend this year.

“I think this year we’re going to be busy later. I think it’s going to go in right into September.”