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More job fairs expected as people look for better paying work

Hundreds of job seekers lined outside the Unifor Local 195 Action Centre Tuesday morning and afternoon during a multi-employer job fair.

The event was done in collaboration with Employment Ontario Service providers and was open to former local Syncreon workers along with anyone else who was interested.

“Many employers in the City of Windsor say they have a struggle finding people,” said Local 195 president, Emile Nabbout. “But as you see from this line, there is a long line and many people here looking for a job.”

Several industries represented included manufacturing, agriculture, food services, health care, pharmaceutical, aviation, personal care service and student transportation.

Nabbout said there is a sufficient number of people looking for work in Windsor-Essex, with many already employed.

“Just looking for a better opportunity, better pay, better benefits and better working conditions,” he said.

According to Nabbout, many employers are trying to push the government to ease immigration laws to bring more foreign workers to the province, claiming there’s a shortage of labour.

“We have labour, just looking for a better opportunity,” he explained.

“So bringing more people from offshore to take over many job opportunities before exhausting all the people who are available and ready to work will be a very unfair competition between the people who live here and build this country together and bring in people from elsewhere to take over those jobs.”

Nabbout told CTV News, “It’s no longer acceptable to make $17 to $18 an hour because $17 and $18 an hour will not put food on the table if you have a family of two.”

Nabbout said the union is finding need in every sector of the economy.

“We have EMS, we have a Canadian military, we have different manufacturing. We have lots of hospitality, so there is a need and a cross section of the economy and I think most sectors are looking for an opportunity. And the hospitality sector has been hit pretty good. And the hospitality sector is the most lower paying job and people are looking for a better opportunity,” he said.

“I hope that nobody will give up and we are committed. If this is turns into a successful event, we are committed to continue doing this job fair for everybody.” Top Stories

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