Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending part of his Canada Day in Leamington.

Trudeau spoke at Highbury Canco Corporation on Erie Street South Sunday morning.

When he walked out to address the crowd, Trudeau was greeted by cheers and an impromptu singing of the national anthem. He posed for selfies with people in the crowd, outside in the heat.

There were lots of Canadian flags waving as Trudeau spoke to the crowd.

Trudeau was welcomed earlier in the day to the region by Mayor Drew Dilkins.

Windsor's Maria Jose brought a painting she did of the Prime Minister for Canada's 150th celebrations.

"To see someone like that, you see on TV, in person, it was alsmot like seeing a celebrity, right? she said. "It was like you fee the buzz and the security and so, it was just an incredible experience."

St. Lucia's Gabriel Allahdun has been a migrant worker in Leamington for four years and came with an advocacy group to push Trudeau on migrant worker rights instead of more continued consultations.

"They do not need to spend all this money. All they need to do is to extend status - extend rights to these workers. That's all we're asking them to do," he said.

After spending the morning in Leamington, the Prime Minister will also celebrate Canada Day in other parts of the country. He heads to Regina Sunday afternoon and will be in Dawson City, Yukon in the evening.

Trudeau delivered his Canada Day address via satellite to Canadians from Leamington.

He praised working Canadians through the generations who helped the country succeed. There may also have been a reference to the trade war with the United States as Canada slapped tariffs on some American products, starting on Canada Day.  Trudeau said Canadians stand up for each other.

"From coast to coast to coast we know we can count on Canadians to get the job done. That's why we stand with each other and we will always stand up for each other."

The tariffs are in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to apply tariffs on steel and aluminum.

The retaliatory tariffs are on $16.6 billion worth of American imports.