WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Windsor native has played a key role in the first full length Disney movie set in Italy.

Release in June, “Luca” is the art directors biggest work to date, but also the one she holds nearest to her heart.

“Luca means everything to me just because I was able to tap into my own roots,” says Deanna Marsigliese, who had two roles with the film- character art director and animation sketch artist lead.

“What that means is I’m working with the animators to develop the style of animation that suits are characters and also just a lot of draw overs to make sure our characters stay on model.”

Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian riviera, the film is about a boy experiencing an unforgettable summer, filled with gelato, pasta, and endless scooter rides.

“Being Italian myself, I wanted to be a part of it immediately,” says Marsigliese.

The 38 year old is a first generation Italian Canadian and says the look of the characters was inspired by many things, including her own family.

“Both of my grandparents are in the film as background characters and they really do look like themselves, so that was such an honour. I even have a character named after me in the film which I love.”

Signora Marsigliese.

“I just love that my last name is in the film pronounced correctly more than once. I mean it’s brilliant. Just blows me away every time I hear it.”

Now in her 10th year with Pixar, Marsigliese has also worked on other films such as Incredibles 2, Inside Out and Toy Story 4.

“I also worked on a short called Bow, I contributed to Soul as well and then Luca.”

A graduate of Holy Names High School, Marsigliese is already receiving accolades for her latest work, with an achievement award from the Italian Contemporary Film Festival.

“It’s a love letter to Italy really, that’s what it means to me.”

“Luca” is available on the Disney+ streaming app.