Horse racing will make its return to the Leamington track this weekend.

Beginning on Sunday, harness horse racing will gallop into Leamington for another season. Organizers with the Harness Horse Racing Association previously secured 13 local dates as part of a five year plan.

Dresden wrapped up their horse racing season on Monday, clearing the way in Essex County.

"We're going to make it a family affair," says Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain.

He says the challenge now is getting attendance numbers up and keeping them there.  Bain says the more money spent on horse betting, the better the odds of local horse racing surviving in the long term.

"If they're going to renew our license, not only for next year, but renew our license for the next five years, we're going to have to bring people out and we're going to have to have betting going on there that's comparable to other tracks in the area."

Leamington Raceway events will run on weekends until Oct. 26.