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Here are the options for Leamington’s 150th anniversary logo

Logo options for the 150th anniversary. (Source: Logo options for the 150th anniversary. (Source:

The Municipality of Leamington is asking for help from the community as it gears up for a grand celebration of its 150th anniversary.

Residents are being asked to assist in the selection of the official 150th Anniversary logo.

The proposed logo options are each a mosaic of Leamington's diverse and unique features, each element narrating a part of the town's story:

  • The Water: Symbolizing Leamington's picturesque location on the shores of Lake Erie, this element reflects Leamington’s strong connection with the natural beauty and resources of the lake.
  • The Green Plant: Paying homage to Leamington’s rural roots, the plant represents the rich agricultural heritage of our municipality, from the historic tobacco fields, processing tomatoes and flourishing greenhouse products of all kinds to the vibrant flowers and burgeoning cannabis sector. It's a tribute to all that has grown and continues to flourish in our fertile lands.
  • The Monarch Butterfly: A key feature of the logo, the monarch butterfly symbolizes the beauty and natural wonder of migration that Leamington witnesses and shares with the world each year. It also represents the transformation and continuous evolution of our community.
  • The Birds: Illustrating the annual migration, the birds in the logos represent not only the rhythm of nature but also the influx of tourists who visit Leamington, drawn by the natural beauty and the warm hospitality of Leamington.

Logo options for the 150th anniversary. (Source: chosen logo will be prominently featured on a range of merchandise, including shirts and other commemorative items, allowing everyone to carry a piece of Leamington's heritage with them.

Voting details and the logo options are available at Top Stories

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