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Summer storm overwhelms Essex County


Residents of Hale Street were feeling helpless Thursday morning following storms that swept through the region Wednesday night and into Thursday.

“We need Lakeshore to help us. MP's [Members of Parliament], whoever,” said Barbara Henrich after her side of the road flooded.

“The whole neighbourhood is devastated,” said Matt Ellis. “Especially on one side of the block in particular. It seems that our sewers back up often and recurrently and this is the worst yet.”

Neighbours helped pump water from basements and from one side of the to the storm sewer on the other side.

“Several neighbours have notified Lakeshore and we haven't seen anything done,” Ellis said.

In a statement, the municipality of Lakeshore says drainage systems were overwhelmed, with surface ponding expected. Residents are encouraged to contact the municipality.

Michael Gagnier, manager at Countryside Canners, said Stoney Point was hit with over 8 inches of rain.

“We're not running today because it's too wet,” Gagnier said. “Farmers can't go into the fields so we're just hopeful it stops raining and we can start over again tomorrow.”

Ditches across the county were full to the top, as were parking lots and farm land.

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in several parts of Windsor and Essex County on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023.In Harrow, the current from the overflowing ditch on Gore Street pulled a compact car to the side of the road.

“There was just a simple pylon stopping people from going down the road. It dips there,” said Lidia Franzoi who lives across the street.

The driver was fine but the car needed a tow.

Franzoi was shocked to wake up early and find her above-ground pool underwater. Her lot is taking in a rush of water from the south side of Gore Street.

“The ditch is blocked. The water has nowhere to go. It's not being drained properly,” she said.

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in several parts of Windsor and Essex County on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023.

Parts of King Street West were underwater including much of Luke Defor’s property and he couldn’t go to work today.

“Everything was flooded. Couldn't get my truck out. Couldn't do anything really. It's just way overwhelming,” he said.

OPP Const. Steve Duguay warns resident to be aware when walking or driving through deep puddles of water.

“There’s a lot of concerns when we have water over the road. We don’t know if there’s hydro lines down, if they’ve electrified and they can be electrifying the water. We don’t know if there’s wash outs. Don’t drive through the water if you can’t see or you don’t know what’s under that water,” said Duguay. Top Stories

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