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E.C. Row Expressway trees being considered to reduce noise

E.C. Row Expressway between Walker Road and Howard Avenue. (Source: Google Maps) E.C. Row Expressway between Walker Road and Howard Avenue. (Source: Google Maps)

Windsor city council is looking at putting more trees along E.C. Row Expressway to help reduce the noise from traffic for nearby residential areas.

Administration would work with the Parks Department and City Forester to investigate opportunities to add trees along the expressway on the north and south sides between Walker Road and Howard Avenue, according to the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

Ward 9 councillor Kieran McKenzie tells AM800 it's the only stretch of the expressway that is close to a residential area that doesn't have any sound barriers.

"It's a bit of a challenge for residents who live in close proximity to the expressway through that corridor," McKenzie says. "The noise is noticeable and it does exceed some of the decibel levels where it's recommended that there be stronger mitigation measures put in place to address the sound."

McKenzie brought the issue to council during the meeting on Sept. 6, 2022. As a result, a report went to the most recent meeting of the Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee. The committee then approved the option of trees being explored as a way to reduce the noise.

He says that council has already approved the budget for tree planting and it wouldn't cost any extra money for expressway trees. Top Stories

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