News conferences will be held in six communities Monday, including Windsor to address Islamophobia.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims, a civil liberaties organization, will be joined by community leaders, police and other elected officials to endorse the organization's charter for inclusive communities.

The NCCM says discimination, hate crimes and stereotyping of Canadian Muslims is growing in frequency and intensity. It is calling for action to quell Islamophobia and to find ways to reduce the incidents of crime.

Saleha Khan of the NCCM London chapter says people will be speaking on the overall impact of Islamophobia.

"We are recognizing it, aknowledging it. Islamophobia is something that is true. It is not a figment of someone's imagination," she says.

The news conferences will be held simultaneously at 11 a.m. Monday in Vancouver, Calgary, London, Windsor, Toronto and Montreal.

Wndsor's news conference will be at Dieppe Gardens.