Bonduelle has withdrawn its application to rezone land to house migrant workers on site and is delaying plans to expand production, the company confirmed Wednesday.

Robert Anderson, vice president of Ontario operations for Bonduelle, tells CTV Windsor it is withdrawing the proposal due to "a lack of public support."

Anderson says any plans to expand production are now being put on hold as the company weighs its options.

Officials from the plant had previously said that expanding migrant workforce was crucial to its operation in Tecumseh.

Bonduelle was looking at increasing the number of Jamaican migrant workers and creating on-site housing.

The plant was badly damaged by fire last July, but the company has since rebuilt.

While the community has celebrated Bonduelle's commitment to the area, at a meeting on Jan.13,  many residents spoke about concerns they have with the plan.

In 2014, Bonduelle hired 11 migrant workers. It wanted to increase that number to 42 by this summer and 60 by 2016.