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Ambassador Bridge reopens to traffic after suspicious package investigation


The Ambassador Bridge has reopened after being closed for several hours Sunday night.

Windsor police said they were investigating a suspicious package found in a vehicle on the bridge.

The Windsor Police Service’s Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) determined that the package wasn’t an explosive device or capable of causing harm, according to a tweet on Monday morning.

“After conducting a series of precautionary tests, the package was opened and found to contain an electronic scale, drug paraphernalia and suspected narcotics. The case has been turned over to the Canadian Border Services Agency for investigation,” said police.

Police first tweeted about the shutdown around 9 p.m. local time, saying the bridge on the Canadian side will be closed for an "undetermined amount of time."

At the time of publication, some traffic was being diverted to the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel.

"[Police] took all the cars away and sent them to the tunnel and they made all the trucks park in the compound at [the] duty-free. There's about 50-75 trucks," Todd Marciano, a trucker stuck on the U.S. side of the border, told CTV News.

He noted trucks and cars going into the U.S. weren't being delayed, only those entering Canada.

"We're kind of tossing back and forth the idea of staying [in Detroit overnight] or leaving to drive to Sarnia. My company is wondering how they're going to get the trucks back because they need them Monday morning." Top Stories

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