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Admissions at Windsor Regional Hospital indicate early flu season peak


A “dramatic” start to the flu season in the fall paid off in an early peak, according to Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) CEO David Musyj.

As the board of directors convened Thursday for a monthly meeting, Musyj shared data showing admissions for influenza falling fast after a spike late last year.

“Talking to the individuals involved like IPAC [Infection Prevention and Control Canada], influenza season lasts until generally April,” Musyj said.

(Source: Windsor Regional Hospital)

“So we’re not technically out of the woods yet, but definitely what we’re seeing is a positive trend,” he added.

Musyj went on to say the “burden of disease is lower in our community right now. And hopefully it stays that way.”

The flu is one-third of a so-called triple threat of respiratory illness hitting hospitals in the fall.

WRH data shows admissions for another of the three, RSV, also on the decline – though COVID-19 cases are holding steady.

(Source: Windsor Regional Hospital)

On the note of the XBB.1.5, or Kraken, variant of concern, WRH Chief of Staff Dr. Wassim Saad said Thursday it hasn’t yet posed as big a problem as some feared.

“It thankfully is not causing severe illness and not resulting in a rise in hospitalizations,” Saad said. Top Stories

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