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Body-worn microphones and in-car cameras: New technology to benefit police and public


Starting next week your interaction with Windsor police may be recorded.

“This is a new project we're excited to embark,” said Windsor Police Service Sgt. Shawn Diotte who is overseeing the launch of new technology that will have officers wearing body-worn microphones while an in-car adjustable camera captures the exchange on video.

“For us, this is extremely important because it provides us with the ability to provide that accountability when we have an interaction with a member of the public,” he added.

The technology captures both sides of the interaction and the pilot project will officially kick off on June 3. A total of 16 cars will have the video camera and 26 officers will wear microphones as part of their gear.

Once the system is turned on the officer is free to engage the member of the public.

If the officers have to jump out of the car quickly they can double tap the centre of the audio recorder to turn it on.

“Protects our members and the members of the public because, you know, the interactions now is fully on the record and it's unbiased,” Diotte said.

The microphone can be muted but at the discretion of the officer. For example, once an interaction is done a person may want to talk about something completely unrelated that may be private in nature.

Officers have the flexibility of turning the mic off but have to document it in their notebooks.

The project is launching under the framework of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and will run through the summer ending Sept. 2.

Diotte said info and feedback will be collected during the pilot.

“Hopefully, not too long after the pilot, we have an idea of what is going to happen going forward,” he said.

The project will safeguard any personal information collected through the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Top Stories

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