WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor’s mayor acknowledged breaking COVID-19 restrictions for dining and said he is making a $750 donation for the error.

Mayor Drew Dilkens issued a statement at the end of Monday’s council meeting after a picture surfaced on social media showing him and seven other people sitting together at a local restaurant on Wednesday, when the limit of people at a table is six in the Orange-Restrict category.

“It was an unfortunate error on my part it should not have occurred and as mayor I have a responsibility for me to lead by example and showcase to all in our region that we need to follow all of the restrictions and guidelines to the letter,” Dilkens said in his statement.

“Residents need to know that actions have consequences,” he added.

Dilkens said he will de donating $750 to Windsor Goodfellows and some other members at the table will also be making donations.

“While I have not been issued a ticket or a by-law infraction, I will be making a donation to the Windsor Good Fellows,” said Dilkens.

Dilkens said he was joined by Tourism Windsor-Essex Pele Island CEO Gordon Orr, who will make a $750 donation to Maryvale Adolescent and Family Services and Tish Harcus, Canadian Club Brand Ambassador, who is donating $750 to Hiatus House Windsor.

“It was an error on my part to attend a gathering of more than six,”said Orr. “I take responsibility for that and as a consequence, I like Mayor Dilkens, will be making a $750 donation to my charity of choice Maryvale Adolescent & Family Services.”Harcus told CTV News on Tuesday she regrets not postponing the dinner.

“This was an informal gathering of friends that should have been postponed given the dining restrictions recently put in place in the city. I regret this mistake,” said Harcus.

Windsor-Essex medical officer of health Dr. Wajid Ahmed explained a possible reason why they were not fined while at the restaurant.

“It’s very difficult for us to charge someone when the officer is not on site to observe the infraction,” said Ahmed. “If our staff were on site, and they noticed that infraction, they probably would have issued the ticket.”