WINDSOR, ONT -- A Windsor man has been sentenced to five years in prison related to the stabbing death of his brother.

Isaiah Calero, 21, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of his brother, Jerson Calero, 25, on Nov. 1, 2018.

As he exited the Windsor courtroom after his sentencing on Tuesday, Isaiah Calero had tears in his eyes and waved goodbye to his distraught family.

Justice Renee Pomerance said it was a difficult sentencing proceeding for her. In court, she said to Calero “your family has forgiven you and hopefully you can find a way to forgive yourself.”

Court heard Isaiah Calero stabbed his brother five times, including three times in the chest after consuming a bottle of vodka on Halloween night and that he and his brother had been arguing throughout the night.

Justice Pomerance said Calero was hear saying, “keep running your mouth, I’m gonna kill you.” To which Jerson replied, “Are you really gonna stab your own brother?”

The defence alleges Calero has very little recollection of stabbing his brother five times, including three times in chest.

Defence lawyer Dan Scott said it was a reasonable sentence considering the circumstances. He said this case is nothing like he’s ever experienced.

“I thought the Justice would come in at around four years, and effectively that’s what happened,” he said.

When given credit for time already served in pre-trial custody, Calero has another 52 months left to serve in his sentence.

Scott said Calero considered his brother as his best friend, and describes his client’s actions as five to 10 seconds of really bad decision making.

“If he (Calero) could turn back the hands of time, we certainly wouldn’t be here,” said Scott. “He is tormented by his actions and will be tormented until the day he leaves this earth.”