The flowers are beautiful at Jackson Park, but some feel the same can't be said for the greenhouse in which they're grown.

Windsor city council agreed to fix that, by building a new greenhouse at Jackson Park.

The new facility will replace the aging and quickly deteriorating city greenhouse at Lanspeary Park.

Councillor Chris Holt says he's eager for the city to reinvest in the city's beautification.

"We see the end result and we love the end result, so I think there's going to be wide community support for this type of thing and let’s see what happens at budget time,” says Holt. “We have a vague idea of what the numbers will be so council will make that decision in a few months."

The current structure is 60 years old, but hasn't seen much in the way of maintenance or renovations for the past three decades.

Council asked administration for some drawings and will also get more information on the exact cost at 2019 budget deliberations.

It's estimated the new build will be in the $4-million to $6-million range.