The National Basketball League of Canada has suspended the Windsor Express head coach and a player after the team was involved in an altercation with the Halifax Rainmen at the morning practice before the championship game was supposed to be played.

Coach Bill Jones is facing a one-year suspension from the league and a fine of $4000.

Jones was apologetic at a news conference Friday morning. He says he accepts responsibility for his part.

Express guard Tony Bennett has been suspended indefinitely, pending further review.

"There's no doubt that there were multiple errors in judgement on both sides on the morning of April 30th that led to the game not being played," said Board spokesman Vito Frijia in a news release. "We felt it was our obligation as directors to show that the league will not tolerate a coach initiating a physical altercation with a player."

The NBLC awarded the league championship to the Express after the Rainmen forfeited Game 7.

“We're going to move forward and do what's best for Windsor,” says Express CEO Dartis Willis.

Last Friday, the the league handed out $90,000 in fines to the Rainmen, suspended 11 players and permanently barred the coach and assistant coach from the league.

Halifax assistant coach Pedro Monteiro also received an additional fine of $4,000 today.