WINDSOR, ONT -- Residents of a downtown Windsor apartment building, who had to move out after a fire, will have more time to remove their belongings.

The class action lawsuit for tenants at Westcourt Place was adjourned until April 20, court heard on Wednesday.

Lawyer Sharon Strosberg says that means tenants will not have to remove the contents before that date.

Tenants say they had previously been told by management they had to remove their items by the end of March for repairs and cleaning of the building.

“Oh that's quite a relief,” says tenant Steven Shpak. “I think when I get home my wife is going to be quite relieved that we don't have to move our stuff out."

Shpak says his fellow neighbours are worried about the cost and uncertainty of when they can return.

"Majority of them are concerned. I just tell them to have faith and take one day at a time."

Strosberg says they are pushing for the landlord cover the cost of removing the belongings and storage.

Spokesperson for building management Danny Roth says they do not typically comment on ongoing litigation. He says he hopes to provide an update on the building in the upcoming weeks.

She says the tenants will likely not be able to move back into the downtown building until the fall.

Over 200 residents were displaced after the fire in the second-level parking garage on Nov.12, 2019.