WINDSOR, ONT. -- Four new public art projects were unveiled in Sandwich Towne Friday aimed at demonstrating the areas “strong sense of community pride.”

In partnership with Port Windsor, three new art projects have been placed in Queen’s Dock by local artists. A fourth public art piece is at the Dominion House Tavern for the West End Art Project.

“These beautiful, creative additions to the Sandwich area demonstrate the strong sense of community pride that exists amongst its residents,” Bryce Phillips, CEO of Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority said in a news release.

“We are continually inspired by the Sandwich community and are pleased to see the funding provided through the Gordie Howe International Bridge Community Benefits Plan enhance the area’s gathering spaces.”

The pieces include two picnic tables and wayfinding signs organized by local artists and the youth arts group, Vanguard Collective.

The projects represent the history of Sandwich Towne, the next generation, and appreciation for that area of Windsor.

“We hope that these pieces help future generations find appreciation for the various parts of Windsor’s west end that make it unique. Many young people find their start here – whether they grew up down the street from these places, like I did, or earned their education on campus and started a business later down the road. The youth narrative was a voice we knew we needed to showcase for the future success, growth and appreciation of this area,” said Veronica Samek from Life After Fifty.

Port Windsor partnered with Life After Fifty to bring the project to life and support the Sandwich arts community.

A virtual gallery and window display has been coordinated at Life After Fifty of the majority of the work submitted along with individual pieces donated to members of the Sandwich Towne BIA - Sandwich Brewing Co. Buddie’s Tap and Eatery and Bliss Skateshop.