Growing medical marijuana could spark new life for a vacant building in Tecumseh.

E.C. Green is making an appearance before town council requesting a change in zoning in the Black Acre Industrial Park in Oldcastle.

Mayor Gary McNamara knows the proposal may raise some eyebrows, “People look at it like a stigma because it’s marijuana.”

But McNamara sees it as an opportunity to diversify the town’s economy, finding alternatives to auto industry related companies.

“We’re starting to see an interest that is outside of the automotive industry and that’s something we’ve been striving, as a region, to diversify our economy.”

Essex OPP Sgt. Rick Tonial says police are not overly concerned with the facility, as long E.C. Green complies with federal regulations

Tonial says, “As long as it doesn’t breach any safety issues for our community, or increase any drug activity, the police are satisfied with what happens.”

Tonial says medical marijuana typically has a lower level of THC, the chemical that causes the 'high' from marijuana.

McNamara adds, “This is another facility that will brought back to life and it’s going to create jobs for the future.”