Workers at the Windsor Assembly Plant are feeling the effects of a fire at a supplier plant in Michigan.

Unifor Local 444 President James Stewart tells CTV News the FCA plant is experiencing a shortage of parts, and shifts are being shortened as a result.

It's because of a fire that occurred last Wednesday at the Meridian Magnesium plant in Lansing, Michigan.  It’s the same plant that supplies inner door frames for the Pacifica.

Officials at Meridian are still assessing the damage from the fire and have yet to reopen.

But Stewart doesn't expect Windsor Assembly to completely shut down.

“The only thing they can do at this point is pay attention to the supervisors and company’s direction, and hopefully we will have some steady parts coming back to the plant soon,” says Stewart.

Meridian Magnesium is the world's leading supplier of lightweight cast metal solutions for the transportation industry. The company says it hopes to restart production this week.