The Mayor of Kingsville plans to run for re-election.

Nelson Santos tells CTV Windsor he will run again for the mayor’s job because there is still plenty of work to do after planning for the town’s growth over the last few years.

"We were able to create a lot of plans, master plans, looking to the future,” says Santos. “So the next four years is going to be shaping those plans into making them real so that we can start seeing these plans on paper become things that you actually can see, do and feel within the municipality.”

Santos says he is also proud of what the town has accomplished.

"You look at the community that the municipality of Kingsville has become over the last few terms. We've identified the growth, certainly the pressures that come with the growth, but more importantly, the vitality and the success that we're seeing within both the business group, the success of the growth and development for new homes and for new housing," says Santos.

Santos was first elected to council in 1997 and has been the town's mayor since 2003.

Kingsville's Deputy Mayor Gord Queen is also seeking re-election.

The municipal election is October 22. Several other Essex County mayors have also confirmed their intentions.