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Riders excited for new Libro Centre mountain biking trails

The first phase of a new mountain biking trail behind the Libro Centre in Amherstburg is expected to be open in June.

"We needed a place with the right terrain, that's number 1. It has these awesome cool hills. Number 2 is finding a council that will play ball with us,” said James Braakman, director of Windsor Essex Bike Community (WEBC).

Braakmen’s passion for the sport led him and other off-road cyclists to launch WEBC.

The community has been working with the Town of Amherstburg to construct the new mountain trail network after the town approved phase one of the project.

In recent years, the off-road biking community has been at odds with municipalities. In 2017 and 2021, the City of Windsor demolished a homemade trail in Little River Park. Windsor did eventually build a network at Malden Park for trail riders.

"They did a good job but the difference is the riders who are going to be using it, are the ones building it. It's going to be a hybrid of Malden Park," said Braakman.

Phase one of the Libro Centre trails will include three downhill trails, a return climb trail, and the first loop of a larger XC cross county trail.

A fundraiser is scheduled for April 22 at GL Heritage Brewing.

You can find more info on the WEBC website: Top Stories

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