It was a busy four days for Windsor police who laid nearly 300 charges during Project Dial Tone.

The theme of a new initiative was “anytime, anywhere” – a campaign to crack down on distracted driving.

Police used a gray van with tinted windows. One officer drove the van while another sat in the back seat taking pictures of distracted drivers in the act.

In all, police say 114 distracted driving charges were issued and 184 other provincial offences under the highway traffic act were handed out.

Residents say it’s sneaky, but it works.

“I try to get my friends to stop it all the time. I feel it makes your passengers feel unsafe and generally endangers everyone on the road,” noted Conor Murphy.

A new report indicates distracted driving was the leading cause of fatalities on OPP patrolled roads for the fifth year in a row.

“It'll save accidents. It'll save lives,” said Fraser Montrose.