Organizers of a national effort to locate and assist homeless Veterans are now helping a former soldier in Windsor.

Vets Canada Coast to Coast Tour of Duty walked the streets in 21 Canadian cities on Saturday and made contact with a total of 29 Vets who live without a place to call home.

Only one of those Veterans was found in Windsor, and officials say they are working with him to find long term housing.

The walk has been held since 2014, and not only locates those Vets in crisis but helps create greater awareness on the issue of homelessness.

By getting the message out, the group hopes to hear from more Vets in need of help.

“Hitting the street, boots on the ground, is how many Veterans in crisis find out about our emergency services,” says Jim Lowther, VETS Canada Co-Founder, CEO & President. “We talk with everyone we come across on the street, and word spreads throughout the homeless community that we are available to help.”

“In an ideal world, all struggling Veterans would know about and know how to access resources for support but we know this isn’t the reality,” adds Lowther. “This is why the Tour of Duty allows us to connect with veterans who might not otherwise access our services to get the help they both need and deserve.”